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Let your car earn for itself




Sticngo - Zarabiaj jeżdżąc autem

Cash prizes

Use the car as usual, collect points and exchange them for prizes


Car paint friendly

We use only top quality materials which are safe for your car


Awesome design

We don't want a boring ad, we want your car to look spectacular


Amazing Quests

Take part in never before seen group actions


Thanks to the SticnGo app, your car will make money for you! Take part in location-based games, put stickers on your car and not only inspire admiration on the streets, but most of all - earn cash prizes for every kilometer driven! Drive and earn, don't wait! With SticnGo, each ride becomes an opportunity!

SticnGo - innovative outdoor marketing


Register your car

Download the SticnGo app for Android and register your car. The application is completely secure - we guarantee your data confidentiality.

Rejestracja do apliakcji

Przegląd dostępnych kampanii

Select a Campaign

We won't limit your choice! Select the campaign that fits your car, design preferences or expectations.

Choose sticker type
Depending on your preferences and options provided by advertisers, you can place the stickers on the following parts of your car: the hood, sides, rear window or all together! This will have a direct effect on your prize value - the more stickers you apply, the bigger prize you can earn!

Apply for campaign
Our operator will check your application and approve it, if you meet all conditions of the chosen campaign (for example: class of your car, its year, city, etc.)

Put the stickers on your car

Visit our workshop, where qualified staff will wash you car and then carefully apply the chosen stickers on it.

Completely safe for your car
Our stickers will not damage the paint on your car - we use only high quality materials, and technology that ensures the car paint remains unspoiled. (Please inform the workshop staff if the paint on your car is not the fabric one)

Professional application
Our partners will make sure the stickers are applied with utmost care - completely harmless and without a hitch

Umówienie się na oklejanie

Ruszaj i zbieraj punkty

Collect points and have great fun

Just drive as usual and earn points for every kilometer. Our app will calculate the mileage and add points to your account.

If you're in the mood for more, take part in additional actions, so called QUESTS, and earn extra points.

Don't forget to start your app and connect with the beacon each time before starting your engine!

Redeem your points for rewards

After the game ends, you can exchange your points for cash rewards. Your prize value depends on many factors: the kind of car you use, location, daily mileage, etc.

Wymieniaj punkty na nagrody pieniężne

Get the app and start earning!



Earn points and gain levels

Value of your points grows with each one!

Simply collect enough points in your Wallet to go over the indicated threshold, and get the privileges of a new level

4.5 pln

for every 100 pts

5 pln

for every 100 points! Collect 5,040 points to gain level

5.5 pln

for every 100 points! Collect 15,120 points to gain level

6 pln

for every 100 points! Collect 22,680 points to gain level

6.5 pln

for every 100 points! Collect 30,240 points to gain level

7 pln

for every 100 points! Collect 39.060 points to gain level

7.5 pln

for every 100 points! Collect 47,880 points to gain a level

8 pln

for every 100 points! Collect 55,700 points to gain level

8.5 pln

for every 100 points! Collect 65.520 to gain a level


When does the point collecting end?

Collecting points in the advertising game ends when the game pool runs out of points, or with the beforehand fixed campaign closing date.

What should I do with the stickers, seal and beacon after the action is finished?

Finalizing the game, which is the condition for redeeming cash reward, is done in three easy steps:

  1. You take a photo of the stickers
  2. You cut the seal in a color-marked spot (we will let you know where to cut exactly after the campaign ends)
  3. You put the seal and beacon into an envelope we gave you when applying the stickers, and all you need to do now is get it into the mailbox!
  4. You remove the stickers by yourself, it’s really easy

Do I have to pay a tax for the money earned?

SticnGo is a platform for hosting location-based games. Taking part in the game requires meeting several conditions, such as applying stickers on the participant’s car. The cash reward is proportional to the points earned during the game. The legal form of the transferred money is “reward”, as described in article 21 par. 1, point 68 of the Personal Income Tax Law, which states that a one-time reward winning amount is exempt from income tax if its value does not exceed 2 000 zł.

What am I disallowed to do?

We are tolerant, but what we will not tolerate is any actions that may harm our or our customer’s image. We reserve the right to delete points or block the account of persons performing such image-harming actions, as to eliminate similar events in the future. You can find the details in the Terms of Use

What maximum amount can I win?

There is no maximum amount of your reward. Each campaign has a limited number of points to spend. Until the pool is full, you can drive and collect them!

Are the points also earned outside the city?

Points can only be earned in specified zones, which are usually within the city area. Each city is divided into few zones. First zone has the highest kilometer to point ratio, and in each successive zone this ratio decreases

Can every car take part in the game?

We give our customers the possibility of personalizing the advertising games organized by them. This means that some campaigns may be available only for men, or only for drivers with cars in specific colors.

Do I have to wash my car before applying the stickers?

We will clean your car paint before applying the stickers, but you should also stay reasonable and definitely not show up in a car covered in, for example, mud. It’s your showcase after all!

Can I take part in two campaigns at once?

It will be possible in the future, but at this moment one user can only have one car, and it’s only possible to participate in one game at a time.

Does the car paint quality and condition influence the sticker’s application and removal?

If the paint is in a poor condition or if it was not applied professionally, some damage may occur. We use gentle adhesives which in most cases don’t give any reasons to worry. We’re doing our best, by using the most reliable solutions, and you won’t be disqualified to join the game for that reason. The final decision is always yours.

Is applying stickers safe for my car?

Definitely yes! We are drivers ourselves and we are aware that putting stickers on your car may sound scary. The materials we use are chosen among the best ones available on the market and are dedicated especially for this purpose. They won’t harm your paint or leave traces of glue, but they will actually even protect your car from minor damage

How do I claim the cash prize?

The points you gathered during a campaign will appear in your Wallet in up to 14 days after the game ends. Now you can apply for a cash withdrawal at any time. Within 14 days, you will get the prize transferred to the bank account which you’ve provided in your profile.

Do I get more point for taking part in Quests?

Yes. We want to encourage our drivers to take part in Quests, so the points you get for them are far higher than the points for driving outside of a Quest

What does the points charge rate depend on?

Each driver has a base charge rate. Bonus is added to that rate depending on the time and location in which you’re driving. You can find the prize estimate in the “For drivers” tab of our website

How can I schedule an appointment for applying the stickers?

While you sign up for the game, the App will guide you through this process in an intuitive way. You’ll select one of the available dates, in one of the available hours, in one of the available locations

The App doesn’t see the beacon. What should I do?

Reach out to us with no delay. Our team will help you fix the problem, and if needed, will schedule a beacon replacement. We’ll also make it up to you for the time you’ve been driving with the inactive beacon.

Is signing up for a campaign binding?

Yes, if it’s less than 2 weeks before starting the game. We want to have faith in our drivers. That’s why we promote the honest ones, and reprimand the ones who (to put it mildly) pulled our leg. The more reprimands a driver gets, the less likely it gets to get accepted for next marketing games

What do I have to do during the game?

During the game you should follow three main rules: do not damage the seals or stickers, and ride as much as you can!

Can two phones be connected with one car?

The base for calculating points is the correct connection between your account and the beacon. There’s no problem with logging in to the account using different phones. However, it is not possible to connect several phones at the same time.

When does the game points’ counting start?

Counting points in the advertising game begins at the moment you leave our workshop in the new version of your car. Info about the stickers’ application reaches our servers automatically.


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