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Revolution in advertising on cars

Revolution in advertising on cars

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SticnGo - a mobile platform for effective outdoor advertising


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Your innovative advertising on cars all over the city

Reach for what's most important in outdoor marketing and amplify it with the power of internet. Put away the intrusive methods and choose the truly effective ads. Thanks to our platform you will attract crowds wanting to see your ads. With SticnGo you can create advertising games which will make you stand out from the competition, and your marketing will never be the same!


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Extra cash flow for driving your car in the city

Are you a frequent driver? Why not win some extra cash as you drive? Take part in our location based game and let us put paint safe stickers on it. Use you car as usual and earn points. Take part in arranged rides and earn even more. Finally, claim your cash reward. With SticnGo it's really that easy!


Shrink the distance to your clients

How to make your ads more trustworthy? It's simple! Use the effective people-to-people marketing.

Surprise the consumers

Use the never before seen outdoor marketing strategy. Your innovation will surprise customers and competitors!

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Track progress and manage the game

Monitor your game progress in real time, track its range and create Quests. Everything with a dedicated SticnGo platform!

Safe for your car

In SticnGo we use only the best and proven materials which are safe for your paint and can even help in protecting it!

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Monetize the time spent in your car

Advertising on your car will drive some extra flow into your budget! We apply the stickers and you earn points by adding the mileage!

Draw the attention on the streets

We put great emphasis on making our stickers more than just ordinary ads. They're simply bedazzling! Your car will stand out!

Join SticnGo!

Join SticnGo!


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